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DENTAL Implants

Replace missing teeth!


Implants are a great way to fill the gap of a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone where a tooth is missing. Once the area is healed, an artificial tooth is fixed to the implant.

Getting implants is an intricate process, and treatment generally takes several months to complete. People who are interested in implants need to have the correct jaw structure for this treatment. Our dentists can help determine if an implant is the best option for you.


We make full or partial dentures and have a variety of dentures to meet your specific needs. Plastic partial dentures fit on your gum and may have wire clasps to secure it into place.

Metal precision partial dentures rest on your existing teeth and offer a secure fit with fasteners. Both of these types of dentures can be removed and are taken out of the mouth to clean.

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