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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may be needed for the relief of toothache.

Root canal treatment aims to save or repair a severely damaged tooth instead of extracting it. The root canal is inside a very narrow area in the tooth. The dental pulp is located within this region, and it contains numerous nerves and blood vessels. Root canal treatment is needed if an abscess or a painful toothache occurs from the pulp dying or becoming infected.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Local anaesthetics and advances in dentistry means that most patients will experience minor or no pain during a root canal treatment. Severe toothache symptoms should improve once treatment has begun.

How is a tooth restored during root canal treatment?

The pulp (the damaged area of the tooth) is removed, and the area is disinfected and cleaned. It is then shaped and filled before being sealed.

A crown may be required for teeth with large fillings or severe damage to ensure that the tooth is properly restored and protected.

Is root canal treatment successful?

A high success rate is expected if the root canals can be adequately cleaned, sealed, and repaired during treatment.

In between appointments, temporary fillings and dressings may be set in the tooth; and treatment may take several appointments to complete.

Are there any complications associated with root canal treatment?

Some people’s root canals can be delicate and curved, making it hard to achieve a complete clean of the canal. The instruments used during a root canal are extremely fine, and in rare cases, a piece of the file may break off in the canal. If the article cannot be retrieved, it may be sealed in the root canal as part of the filling.

In between appointments, the tooth may feel tender and may cause some feelings of discomfort. Pain may also be present if an abscess develops or a hairline split occurs within the root.

It is rare for the pain to persist following the completion of a root canal treatment. However, if this does happen, further treatment of the tooth may be required, and a surgical procedure may be needed.

In complex situations, our dentists may refer you to a specialist endodontist.

Is root canal treatment expensive?

Cost is determined based on the time and effort required to treat the tooth. After a consultation with our dentists, we can inform you of the estimated costs of receiving treatment.

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